New Pre-AMP

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New Pre-AMP

New: Tangent PreAmpster II

Tangent PreAmpster has been followed up in spring 2021 by a new second generation of the preamplifier: PreAmpster II

New design

The Tangent PreAmpster II has been updated to Tangent's popular II design, known by its compact size and sturdy aluminum front. In addition, the PreAmpster II now has a built-in power supply instead of an external power supply as with the first generation. 

Now with RIAA

For the first time, the Tangent Pre-Ampster II can act as a preamplifier for a turntable via the built-in RIAA. 

Updated technologies

It's not just the RIAA feature that's new on the Tangent PreAmpster II. The Bluetooth function has been updated to a Qualcomm 5.0 APTX-HD version.