Tangent EXEO CD-AMP System

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Tangent CD-AMP System

Tangent EXEO CDP CD player and Tangent EXEO AMP. 


Stereo Amplifier - Tangent EXEO AMP

The EXEO AMP is a 2 x 60-watt @ 8Ω, Class-D switched power amp. It provides plenty of power to the attached loudspeakers, pumping out the listener’s favourite music clearly and richly. Among the multitude of connection options are gold-plated RCA connections for a CD player, FM/DAB/NET radio, and auxiliary sources. Add a phono input, and outputs for recording, power amplifier, active subwoofer and headphones, and the EXEO AMP becomes more complete.


Tangent EXEO CDP CD-Player

The EXEO CD Player is a multi-format digital disc player, capable of providing a wealth of opportunities for the listener. With CD-Audio and MP3 the EXEO CDP is an outstanding companion for a Tangent EXEO Amplifier.


You can see all features and specifications on the product pages: Tangent EXEO AMP / Tangent EXEO CDP

Products in the packet:
  • 1 x Tangent EXEO AMP
    Sold out - Discontinued
  • 1 x Tangent EXEO CDP CD Player
    Sold out - Discontinued

Stock status: Discontinued

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